APL stuff


APLcartA novel approach to finding your way in APL
/quizChallenge your APL skills with the APLcart quiz
styleMy personal style guide for APL code
tipsTips on using Dyalog APL and the IDE
The APL ShowPodcast inspired by Ken Iverson’s paper “Notation as a Tool of Thought”, exploring various aspects of notation


dyalog-safe-execDrop-in for to execute code safely
LazyLazily evaluated (late-binding) definitions
SortLibrary for natural language sorting


crosswordsAutomated crosswords from the Zark APL tutor news
dyalog-apl-extendedExperimental extensions to Dyalog APL
KINGDOMAn interactive simulation demonstration game
APL stuffAPL-themed mugs, tote bags, shirts and hoodies


APL2741 UnicodeAPL font based on Adrian Smith's IBM Selectric APL2741 golf-ball font
APL386APL385 Unicode with corrections and additional glyphs
KbdAlternative unified APL keyboard layouts
SAX2APL font based on the font from Sharp APL for Unix
lbIn-browser glyph bar, bindings, and compositions