APL stuff


APLcartA novel approach to finding your way in APL
/quizChallenge your APL skills with the APLcart quiz
styleMy personal style guide for APL code
tipsTips on using Dyalog APL and the IDE
APLNAATOTAPL Notation As A Tool Of Thought podcast


dyalog-safe-execDrop-in for to execute code safely
LazyLazily evaluated (late-binding) definitions
SortLibrary for natural language sorting


crosswordsAutomated crosswords from the Zark APL tutor news
dyalog-apl-extendedExperimental extensions to Dyalog APL
KINGDOMAn interactive simulation demonstration game
APL stuffAPL-themed mugs, tote bags, shirts and hoodies


APL2741 UnicodeAPL font based on Adrian Smith's IBM Selectric APL2741 golf-ball font
APL386APL385 Unicode with corrections and additional glyphs
KbdAlternative unified APL keyboard layouts
SAX2APL font based on the font from Sharp APL for Unix
lbIn-browser glyph bar, bindings, and compositions