APL Crossword 4

  1. Reverse the elements in the vector L
  2. Delete from the vector N the even numbers 2 to 100
  3. Scale up the numbers in the matrix M by 100000, and return as a vector
  4. Fifty-five fives
  5. The sum of the absolute value of the vector NV summed with the magnitudes of the first R elements of V
  6. The N by N identity matrix (1s on the diagonal)
  7. Get outta here!
  8. Flag the rows of the 15-column character matrix CMI that match the first fifteen elements of CV
  9. A random positive integer no more than 20 bigger than A
  10. The amount to subtract from T to make it the next higher integer
  11. Given N, a vector of integers, map all values from 1 to 7 to the numbers 0 to 6
  12. Find the first four in F fast
  13. What’s currently localized?
  14. Transform the matrix of scores S from students by exams, to exams by students and cap the scores at 100
  15. (N+1)-⍳N, without using
  16. Squeeze all 0s from the vector V
  17. (⍴M)⍴(1↓⍴M)/V for the matrix M and the vector V
  18. E (bits) if the vector N is empty, otherwise (⍴E)⍴1
  19. Divide each row of NM by the vector E, where S←⍴NM
  20. Repeat each column of M, C times
  21. (⍴M)⍴(0), for character M
  22. 3⌽2/2⍴'ICE CREAM'
  1. 2-(⍴VEC⍳n[⌽⍳C] in origin 1
  2. Convert the bit vector LE, having length M, to the designated indices
  3. Flag those values of A that are contained in the matrix NT and for which the corresponding values in the non-negative integer array N are nonzero
  4. How many 27s are there in each row of the matrix NM?
  5. 1 2 3 4 5, five times
  6. From the first N values in T, flag those that aren’t multiples of five
  7. The indices of the vector V
  8. 1⊥⍳10
  9. Generate NI ( a multiple of 5) random numbers between 0 and 4, having the same frequency of each value
  10. (V[1]+⍳L),(V[2]+⍳L),(V[3]+⍳L), ...
  11. Which elements in R are 10s?
  12. +/⍳4
  13. Branch to the line labelled V if I is a scalar
  14. -F1-C
  15. ⍞←⍎⍞←'T',0⍴T←40
  16. Change the sign of S
  17. A random index into the vector S, up to the index at which the shape of M is found
  18. Transpose the matrix NM along the MINOR diagonal
  19. The number of whole multiples of C in NM
  20. None
  21. (⍴M)⍴0, for numeric M
  22. Transform NM from shape (6 3 4) to shape (4 3 6)
  23. Unfinished business
  24. If MAT were demoted