APL Crossword 1

  1. The indices of the elements in the vector R containing integers between 1 and 9
  2. MV is a matrix of monthely totals. Annualize them.
  3. The number of dimensions in TABLE.
  4. Identify the elements of the matrix N not found in the list L.
  5. Identify the elements of the integer division of M and N that is equal to ME.
  6. The available programs.
  7. It's simpler than 2×A, and gives the same value.
  8. Identify the elements if D that are smaller than the corresponding elements of K.
  9. Return all or none of the columns of M, depending on whether BR is 1 or 0.
  10. The pointless inverse of the pointless expression -0.
  11. The rankings of the elements of the vector V, 1 for largest, 2 for next largest, and so on.
  12. (⍎'⍎''''''BT'''',⍕⍴''''BT'''''''),'~'
  13. The end-of-year balances of an investment amount A, given the annual interest rates in the vector I.
  14. The area of a circle having radius R.
  15. ,2 1⍴2 1⊖2 1⍉'TUVW',[.21]'1234'
  16. ¯2 ¯7 ¯12 … ¯37 ¯42
  17. Round each number in the matrix N to the nearest integer.
  18. Draw one card from a deck of playing cars and then put it back. Do this 100 times.
  19. ,⍉(25,⍴V)⍴V
  20. -/32 1 2 3
  21. Five fives.
  1. Are the elements of the vector A in ascending order?
  2. A is a non-negative scalar. Return 1 if A is positive, or an empty vector if A is zero.
  3. Throw it all away!
  4. The indices of the rows of a matrix with M rows.
  5. The number of elements of the vector V not in the matrix M.
  6. R is a Boolean matrix that flags the non-zero elements of D. Return the quotient N÷D returning 0 thenever D is 0.
  7. 1 1⍉3 4 ⍴'MY 32NDBOLT'
  8. Are any of the elements of the matrix N negative?
  9. Multiply each element of V by 250, replicate them N times each and add the scalar T to the result.
  10. A logical name for a logical array of rank 2.
  11. Are there exactly E 1s in the logical vector BIT?
  12. The value to be subtracted from the scalar AMT to leave just its fractional portion.
  13. If BV1←V<100, what expression can you insert between the brackets in V[]←0 to zero out the elements of V less than 100?
  14. The indices that will re-order the vector V, moving the values above 10 to the front of the vector and the values below ten to the end.
  15. The cosine of 45 degrees.
  16. All but the last two elements of the vector NV
  17. Re-order ⍳3 randomly.
  18. The sign of zero.
  19. (5×2*3)++/⍳10
  20. 5×12-9*6≠6
  21. The total for each row of the matrix M
  22. +/3 4*2